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I am one of 4,000 women who are Certified Life Coaches through the “Professional Women Network.” With several years of experience mentoring and coaching teen girls and women from all realms of life, including survivors of human trafficking, and youth in Foster Care.
I look forward to helping you manifest destiny into reality.

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Leave a legacy in this world!

The choice to receive Life Coaching is an immense and courageous one. One that is well rewarding if you invest in yourself. For those rewards, you must be willing to change your internal world before you can change the external world. I’m here to stand with you along your journey to your desired destination in life. Let’s spend less time focusing on the past and more time on your vision and destiny. Together we can unlock your future and take your life to the next level.

As your coach I will walk along side you, support you in understanding and removing the blinders that keep you from seeing your full potential and purpose. You will be equipped with game changing tools and strategies for your new journey as I help you reach your goals and hold you accountable to a plan that best fits you.
People say I am a great listener and I truly am! I’m here to listen, guide and propel you into the next season of your life.

Coaching With Kim | Destiny Proplled Coaching with Kim Harshaw
Coaching with Kim | Destiny Proplled Coaching with Kim Harshaw

My most important experience and training are my life experiences: career, debt, divorce, family issues, relationship issues, and self-reflections are lessons that I am eager to teach you. Sometimes we just need that extra push to help launch us into the person we were created to be on this earth.

Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, Skype, and/or in person if you live in the Northern Virginia Metro area. I am currently offering both individual and group sessions in three- and six-month packages.

Are you ready for breakthrough and to meet your desired destination?

Are you ready to step out of the comfortable and into the uncomfortable?

Please Contact Me for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can collaborate together.

I look forward to working with you!


Why do people need coaching?

Life coaching is for individuals who are ready and willing to take control over themselves, their lives, and situations. Perhaps you are looking for a new career path, education, business, or going through a life crisis, divorce, transition, broken heart, family or intimate, a lack of self- confidence, health and/or spiritual issues.

I’m confident I can help you get through the obstacle(s) you are facing. My mission is to awaken your purpose, ignite your vision and make destiny a reality. I will shine light on the hidden places to help awaken you to your purpose.

With Life Coaching you will learn to go deep within to your inner core and find your core strengths and talents.

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group coaching

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Join up to three other individuals via conference call as you participate in a 4 week program on topics such as Super Women Syndrome, Embracing Destiny, and Dreaming Bigger


one on one

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As your personal coach I will focus you to unlock your divine purpose in life by learning how to escape the fears, distractions, and self-doubt! This tailored focus will be on mind, body, and spirit.


destiny strategist

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As a Strategist, I will help you to understand more about destiny and how to embrace it. This includes building a bridge from the present to the future as well as pulling apart the weak areas where you feel stuck.



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Kim has spoken at numerous Women’s Conferences, Churches, Workshops and other events and she would love to be a part of your next gathering.

There are many benefits to Life Coaching in a group setting and let Kim tell you how you and your group will leave changed for the better!

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