11 Steps to Increasing Your Self-Esteem

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How is your Self-Esteem? Have you ever been in a relationship either with a colleague, friend, parent or boyfriend/spouse where you felt that it affected your self-esteem?  They tried to attack your character? Making you question who you are? You faced some form of rejection?

See when others are feeling down about themselves, it’s always easier for them to put someone else down. It makes them feel better- like they have accomplished something. The reason they do this, is to try and get you feeling the way they do and to keep you at their level. Maybe it’s because they feel intimidated by you and don’t want to see you rise above them. They see what is on you and are threatened.

Don’t let their lack of confidence- lower yours! Know that they are struggling with something that is much deeper.

Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 what level is your self-esteem on?

Try these 11 steps below on increasing your self-esteem:

  1. Learn to take compliments well. If someone should pay you a compliment say “thank you.”   
  2. Don’t put yourself down. Negative self-talk is a habit that must be broken. It is self-         sabotaging.
  3. Don’t ever become comfortable with others putting you down. (become uncomfortable with it) 
  4. Know that you are equal to everyone regardless if you look or think differently than others. 
  5. Take pride in yourself. The way you look, dress, and speak. Walk around like you own yourself, not comparing yourself to others. 
  6. Treat yourself like a best friend.
  7. Love & Speak to yourself like you would to someone you love. 
  8. Be patient with yourself.
  9. Forgive yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. If we didn’t make mistakes, then we wouldn’t have anything to learn from. Know that the past is history, this is destiny.
  10. Don’t let people take advantage of you or your talents and gifts.
  11. The best competition to be in, is within yourself-not others.

Start speaking positive affirmations over yourself, know and believe them. It’s vital! I hope you start implementing these steps into your life!



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